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About Us

Tanzania Heritage Foundation-THF, is registered under the NGO’s Act Number 24 of 2002, and holds the registration No. 00NGO/R/2283, with authorization to operate in the whole Country of Tanzania.
The Organization is autonomous, non-profit-making, non-partisan, and a body corporate capable of carrying out research, education, advocacy and when necessary, legal action.
The Tanzania Heritage Foundation (THF) works with all willing parties to build a better future, by understanding and learning from our past and applying proven methods to preserve our special culture – threatened by globalization -- and protect our sensitive natural resources.
The THF establishes an inventory of threatened heritage resources, including important natural areas and historic places and structures that helped shape the nation’s identity.

THF focuses on linking these heritages to both social and economic development so that each historic site, building or natural area can serve as direct or indirect sources of income to communities. At the same time, we want to make local communities the centers of heritage management, to ensure that residents have a stake in protection plans, while preventing significant impacts from globalization, mass tourism and mass developments.

Our History

The organization idea was formulated since 2017 by the current Executive Director Arpakwa M.Sikorei, a graduate Master in World Heritage and Cultural Project for Development, who studied in Turin, Italy. Read More ...
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Our Mission

To promote and facilitate education at the community level and carry out lobbying and advocacy activities to relevant local, national and international authorities for preservation and conservation of heritage and biodiversity

Our Vision

THF envisions a Tanzanian community in which both natural and cultural heritage is preserved and conserved for social and economic development.

Our General Objectives:

  1. Promote Natural and Cultural Heritage of Tanzania
  2. Provide policy research and consultancy on cultural heritage
  3. Raise awareness on proper usage of natural and cultural resource
  4. Promote education on natural and cultural resources
  5. Empower communities, women and youth, socially and economically
  6. Promote access to clean and safe water via better land management
  7. Promote the use Traditional Indigenous Knowledge (TIK) on various forms including useof Resources and Rangeland Management.

Detailed Objectives:

Tanzania Heritage Foundation (THF) explores Tanzania’s heritages, both natural and cultural, and advise the community and nation on use of the resources. First, we explore. Second we inventory. Third we inform the relevant communities and leaders. Fourth we work together on ways to preserve and enhance the natural and cultural sites and other cultural treasures. Concurrently, the THF will carry out policy research and consultancies on issues related to cultural heritage, and use that expertise to advise local, national and international protection efforts.


Marko Toima

Managing Director