Arpakwa M.Sikorei

Executive Director

How we Started

The organization idea was formulated since 2017 by the current Executive Director Arpakwa M.Sikorei, a graduate Master in World Heritage and Cultural Project for Development, who studied in Turin, Italy. Arpakwa has extensive experience working with various United Nations agencies and government entities. He seeks to fill a significant baseline need for the preservation of his nation’s cultural and natural heritage. He wants to build an organization to specifically address them, carefully and technically, for the sake of the society and the Nation.

The THF was then founded by 10 members with various qualifications, abilities and interests, ranging from academicians, to community traditional leaders, who are all are very committed to work in collaboration. The THF works with traditional pillars, public and private development partners, stakeholders, and interested parties worldwide. THF also welcome honorary members from national and international circles.

The THF recognizes the importance of conservation and sustainable development of traditional and community cultural heritage. It considers it necessary for the organization to promote and empower communities to preserve, protect and maintain their natural heritage, cultural heritage and environment. The THF desires to promote, strengthen and to create an economic stake in the conservation of biodiversity and its associated cultural knowledge and management systems so that nature and people can prosper together.