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Be A Changemaker

With your support, we can preserve our special culture – threatened by globalization -- and protect our sensitive natural resources. Therefore, our actions and efforts are made possible by your donations.
Together with you, we can be somewhere; follow the steps below to donate your precious donation and let the journey begin.

M-PESA NUMBER : +255 764 804 211
M-PESA DISPLAY NAME: Arpakwa Sikorei

Our Mission

To promote and facilitate education at the community level and carry out lobbying and advocacy activities to relevant local, national and international authorities for preservation and conservation of heritage and biodiversity.

Our Vision

THF envisions a Tanzanian community in which both natural and cultural heritage is preserved and conserved for social and economic development.

  1. Promote Natural and Cultural Heritage of Tanzania
  2. Provide policy research and consultancy on cultural heritage
  3. Raise awareness on proper usage of natural and cultural resource
  4. Promote education on natural and cultural resources
  5. Empower communities, women and youth, socially and economically
  6. Promote access to clean and safe water via better land management
  7. Promote the use Traditional Indigenous Knowledge (TIK) on various forms including use of Resources and Rangeland Management.
The organization (THF) operates in the United Republic of Tanzania, Headquarters will be located in the Arusha Region.
The THF is oriented toward skilled workers. For this reason, the THF maintain a Human Resource Policy that emphasizes various capacity building is done in order to strengthen skills of workers’ and boost their accountability. Therefore, THF will emphasize the development of workers and their qualifications and the planning of programs to accomplish this, while working to conquer any difficulties while implementing assigned duties.